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    [Video] Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream

    Rick Ross delivers another visual offering from his recent album Mastermind available for download here.

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    Juicy J - Low (ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Bibby, & Young Thug)

  4. @katyperry: #TBT to when RIFF RAFF @JODYHiGHROLLER & I were dating & we took it to da studio to make dat real ✨magic✨http://smarturl.it/TIHWDRiffRaff 💁
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    With another visual off his 2013-released album Get Home Safely, Dom Kennedy drops the latest music video for the track  if It Don’t Make Money featuring Skeme and directed by Brandon Lee Stratton.

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 New Music: Future – Monster
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    Lil B - Goin Platinum *MUSIC VIDEO* WATCH FULL VIDEO !! ART!!!!

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    Hannah Montana, Hannah Mont… oh…

    Crystal Leww: I don’t hear a lot of Migos flow here, but I do hear a lot of Migos’ grrrs, whatwhats, and welps. Lyrically, this is similar to what LoveRance did two years ago with “Up!”, but like that track, it’s grounded in a regional beat. For all the bragging about knocking out pussy, this is not sexy, but it’s not meant to be sexy! It sounds like it’s going for massive summer rap jam, to get people moving on a dance floor. It sounds remarkably similar to “Move that Dope,” so much that DJs could easily drop them close to one another as two 2014 monster rap tracks that get people hype. I can’t remember if that’s what DJ Mustard did on Saturday, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I was dancing during this anyway.

    Brad Shoup: Yo, up in the M.G.M. coked up — psych! Twaun stacks the claps dynamically; sometimes it’s fascist applause for goofy-ass jokes. Quavo’s channeling Eazy doing nursery rhymes, Offset’s verse is actually funnier butchered by the radio edit, Takeoff hacks off his first four lines for the hook, and there’s none of that Migos flow. And yet I’m thoroughly entertained.

    David Sheffieck: Migos continue their 2014 quest to expand the sound they established last year, and they continue to be surprisingly successful in doing so. Having started out with the simplest hooks possible helps, but they seem set on being one of the rare artists who turn seeming one-hit-wonderdom into an actual career.

    Alfred Soto: Yet another excuse for Migos to prattle over a wonderful bass sequencer. They still have nothing to say and sound like they practice to their Chief Keef and Mystikal records every night but it’s not charmless.

    Hazel Robinson: Uuuuuhn not this same beat again, wasn’t this like 2012’s? This is exhaustingly boring and for fuck’s sake, chum, you are not due a Nate Dogg shout out, stop repeating it right now. You’re gonna “knock the pussy out like fight night,” are you, eh? “Hit it with the left, hit it with the right”? Christ, this is the precise sound of someone who thinks they’ve got moves and really doesn’t, and you’re trying to assess whether enduring their inept effort beats paying for a cab.

    Thomas Inskeep: “I’m’a knock the pussy out like fight night,” really? Pretty sure that the “lil mama” does not, in fact, “want a nigga like [you] in the sheets.” A shame, really — this beat is seductively stripped-down, and if this song had lyrics worth any kind of damn, I’d likely give this at least a [5]. But it doesn’t.

    Patrick St. Michel: It really speaks to the poor state of professional boxing that this song features zero references to anything in the sport over the past decade, the only direct reference being to Muhammad Ali. I mean, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg and Oprah get in instead of any actual pugilists. Sorta weird too, since these guys actually said “Pacquiao” on “China Town.” Migos stumble here and there — “your language Brokeanese,” yeesh — but for the most part this is forceful stuff peppered with some great delivery (the way dude says “bee!”).

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Riff Raff x Chief Keef


    Riff Raff x Chief Keef

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    Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

    Some questions are more important than their answers. Are we alone in the universe? Is there a God? Does life have objective meaning, or is it something we project purpose onto, in vain attempts to protect our fragile egos?

    To these inquiries, Nicki Minaj has added one more: How much booty is too much? 

    With Anaconda, she takes us to a world where ass is king (or should I say queen?) It would be easy to see this video as the ultimate realization of music’s harmful objectification of women. But after first presenting a girls-only twerking paradise, Nicki introduces a man into the picture with a disconcerting cameo by Drake. Here is a vision of a woman clearly in control, and a man left helpless and awestruck. It presents woman as object, but also as subject; as both image and agent, a duality essential to sex, but also to commercial music. And like so many of the identities Nicki adopts — rapper and pop singer, superhero and Barbie — these roles are all the more engaging for their contradictions. 

    Some questions will go forever unanswered. But that does not make them any less worth asking, just as Anaconda’s sexy surface is worth unpacking. And besides, look at her butt

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    "It ain’t nothing to get that zip off"

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    Action Bronson - Easy Rider

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